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No pause when "pause=0.0" for text objects

In a text object, when the pause is assigned to 0.0, the rendering of the object should not include frames with no hand.

Currently it seems that a frame with no hand appears even when pause=0.0.

This is especially significant for consecutive text events - currently the hand disappears for a split second, which is perceived as a visible flash and has to be removed with post-editing. Should I upload an example?

Have you tried deleting all pauses AND setting your transition time to zero?

just curious.
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Edo, if you can upload an example scribe file, that would be great.

Hi Joe, I uploaded an example scribe file titled "Redundant frame when rendering text".

Mike - yes, the transition is set to 0.


I am also having this same issue - pretty much since version 2.4, this has been a problem, but wasn't before. Makes scribes look super choppy.

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