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MP3 will not load/play

I created an mps file with audio/music for one of my scribes. I tried loading it via the audio and music track sections, but it won't play anywher. Also it notes that the file is 4.8 seconds long when it is actually over a minute long.

The music and audio were recorded in Garage Band on a Mac and rendered in MP3 format. I am working on a Windows 8 PC.  The MP3 file plays on its own outside of scribe.

I have not updated scribe to latest version yet.

I read that I would need a LAME add-in for Audacity, but since I did not record on Audacity, do I need that?



stereo or mono?

what kHz?

what kbps?

You could upload the mp3 here if you want specific feedback.

No you don't need LAME based on the info you provided.

-Mike(videoscribe user)

Hi Mike,

Here's what I know:


Stereo (L,R)



128.06 kbits/s

Thanks for your response. 



Some things to try:

1) easiest thing:  if you have a music soundtrack, set it to loop. That seems to surprisingly resolve a variety of sound issues. If you don't have music, add music and set the volume to zero and set it to loop.

2) you could try putting the voiceover in the music track location instead of the narration slot.

3) If possible I would try upscaling it to 256 or320 kbps or higher. Even though it won't improve the actual quality, I believe I've read that step can resolve some playback issues.

4) If you think it is possible that you have a stereo file with only one (left or right) channel, you could try saving it as a mono file.

5) if you are still using an older version of videoscribe 2.0 :  installing the newest versin might help.

6) also:

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


I've tried everything except upscaling and no sound, It's still showing up as 4.8 seconds long when it is over a minute. When loading to audio, the audio window actually disappears when I click on the file locally to upload.

This is getting quite tiresome and I am regretting wasting my time and my collaborator's who recording the video.

Anything else to add, Mike? I appreciate your input.

That is very frustrating.

If you want to attach the mp3 here, I could do a little testing with it.

Otherwise, support works Mon-friday, so you could raise a support ticket.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

I wanted to try upscaling, but the original file is on another computer. If I post the file here, can it be private? Thanks for your help. I see how active you are in these forums!



Hi Sheri,

If you would like to post a file to the support team that you would like to keep private, please open a support ticket and we will be glad to help.

Good morning (or afternoon for you), Matt. I have submitted the ticket and file. I'd been planning on sending to a client this morning US. Any chance doe one can take a quick look? Thanks so much!

Hi Sheri,

Your file was playing OK in various media players but would not play in Audacity. I converted the file to an MP3 (MP3 to MP3) using Freemake Audio Converter and after doing that it worked in VideoScribe. 

Hi Matthew,

I uploaded the new file via the audio link and it played! I published and can now see it on YouTube. I will figure out the recording process. 

Thank you for being so very responsive. I am very impressed and grateful.



Hey guys.  Can you please try and upload this audio file for me?  It's not working at all and when I put it on my scribe it shows up as 2 minutes long and plays with no sound.


When I go to that web address, I just get an error message that the file is corrupt. I cannot download it. (I might just be doing something wrong or need to change a browser setting. I'm not sure.) Can you attach the mp3 file to your next reply instead of providing a web address?

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hey Mike, see here!

Tommy, not sure what was wrong with that MP3 but it wasn't quite formatted right. I could play it in Windows Media Player but not in any specific MP3 only player. Ran it though a file converter to make it an MP3 and now plays fine in VideoScribe.

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