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Sharing a login

Is it possible for several people to share a single login. (Provided they are not logged in at the same time?)

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Hi Edward, thanks for your question.

We licence the user rather than a computer or company.

If multiple people need to use VideoScribe Pro, they will require individual licences.

If I have closed the VideoScribe window on my System, basically logged out of VideoScribe and share my login credentials with another person who has VideoScribe trial version installed on their system. Can they use my login credentials to login?

The subscription you have purchased is for you and you alone, you cannot share your account with another person. This is covered is Section 3 of the App licence and user terms.

Hi Barry,

 If I were to purchase the team license for 10 users, how does it work if user login to the same sparkol account from different PCs? Can the 10 users login to the same account at the same time and use the 10 licenses? How do I activate the software license on different pc? Is there a login portal for me as IT admin to manage the software licenses from the cloud?

So with a 10 user team you send us the email addresses of the 10 people you would like to have access when you purchase and we set them all up with an individual account linked to their email address. The software needs no activation to install it just needs an active account to log-in. At the moment there is no portal to administer your account but the 10 subscriptions sit with a master account and that account can contact support to request changes to the team membership.

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