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Creating Waves

I want to create a propagating waves. Say longitudinal or transverse waves as animation.How to do it on video scribe? Precisely, I want to show how sound waves travel.  

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1) If you have an animated gif then you can import it

2) If you don't have an animated gif, you can make one, but that will require some animation knowledge.

3) otherwise you may be able to make SVG images and use the morph feature to animate them.

If you check out the Instant Answers section, you can find information about making SVG images and using the morph feature:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Ok got it.I'll try with morph feature.


Animating a sinus wave SVG after changing the hand to "no hand" should create a nice impression of an appearing wave. If you mean something like the icon of RSS - a series of arcs expanding and following each other from the source outwards - morph would do it easily but only set of arcs at a time. To create the more common "consistently appearing and expanding arcs" metaphor gif animation will probably be needed.

Thankyou. I'm new to animation/art field, so learning related formats step-by-step. Its interesting! will check about gif.

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