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Problem with scene transitions

 Hi - I'm a videoscribe newbie - using the trial product - and I love the product but there's one thing I'm clearly doing very wrong....

How do I create Scene 2 and  make scene 1 disappear?

I saw your reply to Tiffany and I think I'm having the same challenge - but I've gone through all your videos twice now and I don't see a clear instruction for how you finish scene one and move to scene two.

All support and explanation (words of one syllable might help me!) gratefully received.

Best wishes, Helen

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I think it might be step 6 that you are looking for:

1) import the first element
2) before you do anything else, click "set camera"
3) position and scale your element.
4) (reposition the camera and "set camera" again if desired.)
5) (add whatever other elements you want in this scene and immediately set the camera for each one)

6) click and drag somewhere in a blank part of the canvas to move everything off of the visible area and move the camera to a new empty part of the canvas
7) import another element.

repeat steps 2-7  until you are finished.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike - thanks - I think I was forgetting to 'set camera' immediately.

And thanks for making the steps so simple!

best wishes, Helen


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