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One Account - Two licenses

Is it possible to have two licenses under one account? 

I see there are Business Multiple-User accounts of 5 or more but I have only need for two accounts. 

It is not possible to purchase more than one licence for the same VideoScribe account. You can pay for more than one licence with the same credit card, for example, but there would have to be separate VideoScribe accounts.

So to buy two licences you would need two separate VideoScribe accounts. Log in to our buy page with the first account and buy the first licence, then log in to the buy page with the second account and purchase the second licence.

In addition to what Matthew said, if you are just one person who wants to use videoscribe on two computers, you can do that with only one license. However you will only be able to login on one computer at a time. (so be sure to always log out before you leave one computer and go to the other one)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks guys!

Thanks for the information above. If I want to buy a second licence to allow someone else to work on projects for me, is there a way to do this? I note that only one person can know the primary login for an account, so is there a way for me to know the primary login for the second account but supply the person working on my projects with some kind of "secondary" login? And would it be true to say that if I own the second account, and the person using it is working on projects for me, that person can only work on projects for me? Or is this kind of usage really just outside what's possible with Videoscribe licences without buying a 5-person team licence?

So if your colleague creates an account and then just uses your card to pay for the subscription then this would meet your needs. They could log-in the website and then you can enter the payment information and that way you have paid for the subscription on their account. Should they then leave your employment and you would like to cancel the subscription for them you can raise a ticket with us and we can do that for you as you won't be able to as you cannot log-in as them. We'll need to last 4 digits of the card and billing address to confirm identity but you can cancel the subscription with that.

If your main concern is being able to share scribes during the work process:

Users with two or more accounts can share scribes among them simply by exporting their work as a .scribe file and emailing it or transferring it by flash drive, messenger attachment etc. This works whether both accounts are in your name or not. Bear in mind that the .scribe is a standalone file that can be transferred back and forth. It is not the same as both users working on a shared file located permanently in the cloud folder. Any time you make changes, you will have to send a new copy of the .scribe file back to the other user for them to see the changes in videoscribe.

If the freelancer does not have an account, and does not wish to buy one, or if you wish to pay for both accounts (I assume this is allowed) You can just buy the second account using your own credit card and an email address that you control... and give your colleague the login information.  When the job is finished you can change the password so the freelancer can no longer use the program, and give the new password to the next freelancer (or cancel the membership).

(One possible drawback is that the freelancer might be able to change the login information on this secondary account without your permission. In that unlikely event, you could clear up the matter with customer support, no doubt.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Barry and Mike. That is helpful.

I currently have one account, someone will be working for me and I want us to be able to access the account at the same time. Do I need to buy a second account? And will it be linked to the first one? 

Hello Mark, each account is individual and can only be accessed by one person. You are not allowed to share your account or password under the subscription terms.

If you both want to work on the same projects you won't be able to do this at the same time. You would need to do your bit, export the project and send to your colleague who can import it into their account and continue working. They can then export their changes and send it back to you - Import and export scribes

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