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Uploads soundtrack but no scribe to YouTube

I created my scribe and successfully uploaded to you tube.  Unfortunately it didn't render as viewed.  Now trying to upload it a second time (having deleted the previous from youtube and having save the video as a new project.  It uploads the soundtrack but the scribe itself is blank.  Help.  Would like to upgrade to the pro version but can't do that if I can't upload.


you may want to save your scribe work file online and tell support the name of it so they can have a look at it. "raise a ticket" (contact customer support)

If you want to confirm that other people on other computers see it as blank, you can include a youtube link here in your next message.

if you want other members of the videoscribe community to offer suggestions, you can save your.scribe work file to your computer and attach it to your next message here.
how to export (and import) scribe files

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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