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Drawings starting partially drawn

I'm having an issue where the start of a drawing shows up already drawn, then the hand draws in the rest.
So the hand starts on an already partially drawn image.

I thought it initially had to do with the animate time, but I've tried longer times, and it's still doing the same thing.

It's also not just one image, it seems to happen with all of my illustrations.

I'm also using custom illustrations, not the ones the program comes with, although I'm noticing the sane thing happening with the default ones too.

This is a bug that we have discovered in the latest version and are working on a fix for. We are aiming to get a fix for this out as soon as possible. Adding extra nodes between the first and second nodes of the SVG can reduce the effect of this bug in the meantime.

Gotcha.  That's actually the exact work around I just finished testing, lol.

Takes a bit of trial and error to get the right amount added in.  If anyone else is doing this, I suggest breaking off the very beginning portion of the first path, where the drawing is supposed to start, so that it becomes a separate path.  Then, in Illustrator, in the menu bar, with the path selected, select Object, Path, Add Anchor Points.
Do this a couple of times, then save (optionally you can rejoin it to the path you initially broke it off from, though, so long as this new portion to which you have added points is at the very bottom of your paths in the layers panel, it should work whether you rejoin it or not) and test in VideoScribe.

You may need to add more, or delete some, to get the desired starting point.  You can also use this path to control how the hand animates in, and similarly, extending the final path (uppermost in the layers panel) to control the animate out of the hand.
For anyone who comes across this thread, version 2.1.1 should fix this problem in version 2.1.0

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Good to hear.

I imagine this will mean I might need to remove the nodes I added to compensate for this then.  Oh well, guess I'll just wait til I'm finished this project before upgrading.

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