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2 scribe files into one


1.can i make from 2 scribe files one file which include both.

2.can i add multiple files into one long file?

3.where are the gif files?

4.can i add my own files to the library ?

5. is there more simple way to browse throgh all the images in the library without the need to start again each file ( i mean to privew multiple files at once)


1) copy elements from one scribe to another scribe
2) only by copying selected elements from one scribe to another scribe, or by using third party software to splice finished videos together.
3) the gif files are the last (online) folders in the library in videoscribe version 2.1
4) you cannot add files to the library, but you can add your own files to your scribe. I'd recommend sorting your files into folders by category so they are easy to find.
5) No, I believe the library only works one way.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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