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Upload to YouTube is blurred for a while. I want an expert to look at it - how do I share it with them?

First: superb fun and creativity - thank you for making VS!

Next: I have stored a file online called Workplace Relationships. When I upload it to YouTube it is blurred, sometimes for the whole video (1m40s). Sometimes it comes into focus after a minute or so. It is private on YouTube as I am not ready to launch yet, so I can't send you a link.

What I'm thinking is that the images are too large. I'm thinking of giving it to an expert who could shrink all the images for me - they would be someone who already has a VS account. How would I share it with them as a VS file?

Might you be able to take a look at the video and tell me if this would be a solution that would mean it is in focus on YT? I'm sorry, I don't understand very much about sizes and rendering and qualities - I'm just starting out.



I think I know what this is.

When you upload a video to youtube, youtube automatically converts it to various file sizes including the original file dimensions and smaller ones.

Then when anyone visits youtube, the youtube page detects that person's connection speed and plays whatever size video it thinks is appropriate. You should be able to manually select a higher quality in your youtube player.

However you may need to pause the video at the beginning and let it buffer for a moment if your download speed isn't very fast.

If you will be using an embedded youtube player on your website, there is probably a way to force a certain minimum video quality setting programmatically.

If you upload your youtube video at 25fps instead of 30 or more... the video may play more smoothly and buffer more quickly since it won't have to render as many frames per second.

There may be more suggestions available on youtubes website.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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