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Video creation — The process reality

After countless attempts trying to get various different aspects of video production to work, I've outlined the process I use to produce a video — and have added why that process step is needed. Hopefully this might reduce the process learning curve for others who may be experiencing the sorts of problems I have.

If you find this helpful — awesome.

If not — awesome.

Made a mistake with the image text. References to VideoScribe 2.1 are for the release version, not the beta (though I had the same issues with the 2.1 beta, they are still there in the release version). Updated here:

Thanks for sharing your process.

I still use version 1.3.26 because it is more stable and user friendly in a variety of ways.

It has the same problem with audio quality though...
You can LIKE the following thread to support an improvement in audio options:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


My flow is different. In short: 

  1. I use VideoScribe for just one purpose: animation. This is what it does uniquely and moderately well (I still use version 1.3.26.)
  2. For audio, I use Audacity to record and edit individual tracks.
  3. I assemble videos in a video editor, such as Camtasia, Premiere, etc. Most movies have 2-4 audio tracks, 4-12 video tracks, 5-20 clips per minute, and 100+ total clips. It is tremendously liberating to have multiple independent timeline tracks on which to composite, synchronize and tweak clips.
Using this flow, you can get past most or all of the problems with VideoScribe sequencing and layers. For example, capture screen video of a software demo with lots of screen motion. Use the VideoScribe hand to draw circles around objects on the web page, while the demo continues to run. Draw arrows and write on the screen with VideoScribe, then move the arrows and words around the screen. In fact, Sparkol has used a similar flow to add animated elements to some of their VideoScribe demo videos.

My personal preference would be for Sparkol to concentrate on stabilizing and improving the basic animation capabilities, because I do all of my audio and video editing work with other software tools. But I also understand the appeal of using just one package to create the animation, add an audio track, and render final video.

Thanks Dave. I use Audacity as well. 

I was intending the process flow for those trying to create videos using VideoScribe (audio and video - as is promised according to the 'features'). I appreciate the outline you gave for how to put together multi-sourced compound videos.

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