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Saving a CSV File and Windows is Changing it to a .scribe file


I wonder if anyone can help. I am not working with video scribe today - I'm exporting a report from Mailchimp which should be exporting to my windows 7 machine as an excel .csv file - but instead windows is attempting to save the file as a .scribe file. 

So, somehow it's reading the file type and assuming it's a .scribe file - which it isn't. 

This has happened a couple of times over the year or two I've been a Videoscribe Pro user and I've never got to the bottom of it. 

If I allow Windows to save the file type as a .scribe - I can't open my csv spreadsheet in excel as it seems to corrupt it. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone found a fix? 

Many Thanks! 


1) Have you tried simply renaming the <filename>.scribe file <filename>.csv either during the export process or after the file has been exported?

2) Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling mailchimp (I don't know anything about mail chimp so I don't know if it is something resident on your computer or if uninstalling would delete any important settings or files)?

3) can you provide a screenshot showing mailchimp trying to save a csv file as a .scribe file, to provide a clearer understanding of the symptom?

4) Are you sure you aren't trying to export a zip file instead of a CSV file? maybe windows has made some type of association between csv or zip and .scribe file types than can be removed in the windows explorer settings somewhere.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike 

Thanks for your reply! Mailchimp is a web based app so the file is being exported from the mailchimp website via Google Chrome - so I suspect it's some sort of blip with how Chrome is reading the file extension. 

I'll try your suggestion of re-naming the file with the correct extension .csv 

I'll also try exporting from a different browser 

Thanks again Mike. 

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