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Drawing Error after 2.1 update


After performing the 2.1 update, when I go to export (and it happens on preview as well), the first element jumps from starting to draw to some percentage done in one frame. It is doing it with new scribes, and ones that exported properly in previous versions.





This is something we are looking in to at the moment and are working on a fix for. In the meantime you can add extra nodes to the stroke in between the first and second nodes to slow the first section of the drawing action down.

 Hello Matthew,

I posted this before I discovered the ticket system. I created a ticket and it was resolved in that the issue is being looked at. Thanks for following up though.

I have found it easier to downgrade to 2.0.3, as while the stability and spped in the upgrade is nice, I find it easier to work without workarounds.



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