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FYI - Separate Profile User Accounts Didn't work.

 I was hoping I could install VS 2.1 and learn it while still keeping my working version of VS on my computer.

I think there was a post here on creating a separate Profile User in windows to install 2.1 on but it didn't work. I switched to the new user profile to install 2.1 but it overwrote my working copy of VS even though it was installed in a different user profile.

If anyone knows how you can have two versions of VS on your computer (windows) please let me know.


p.s. Maybe the good folks at Sparkol would make this easier and have it as a new feature to be able to use more than one copy of VS on your computer. I'm not saying having them both active at the same time, I'm just saying being able to install both on the same computer so you can choose which one you want to activate for use.

You can only have one version of VideoScribe loaded on one computer at a time. 

Please add your ideas to our ideas and feature requests section and it will be considered for a future relase.

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