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I can't move a voice over

I'm making a videoscribe for a school presentation and we have to speak in it. Is there a way to even move them or make more than one recording? Please help...

To record multiple voiceovers, you can use any audio software that allows you to save the recording ans an MP3

if you record directly into videoscribe, there is only one voiceoveor file, it cannot be edited within the program, and re-recording it will overwrite the previous one.

A good method is to record your voiceover first using other software such as audacity (may require a plugin like LAME to save as mp3) ,edit it the way you want it then import it into videoscribe and build your scribe to match the timing of the audio.

You can try recording the audio to match the timing of the animation but it may be more difficult and may not sound as natural.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, Is there any other program to use other than audacity? I have a hp stream, and the school has the website blocked for some reason.  Thank you.

Videoscribe's blog  only seems to mention audacity specifically:

I'd check to see if you  have anything installed on the computer already, otherwise a google search may turn up more options (use caution when downloading from unknown websites) If you are on a school computer, you could ask whoever is in charge of the school computers.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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