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last day free trial and i can't publish


Today is the last day free trial, and I can't publish my video.

I follow all the steps but on reaching the youtube code, the screen only can see a second, and I can not copy the code.

Please I nedd your help.

The code you're referring to is something that VideoScribe will do automatically.

What should happen is that message should pop up then you should be taken back to the VideoScribe application to resume the upload where you should wait for a message to appear saying the video has been uploaded.

If this does not happen, can you try the following process?


1. Rename and save your scribe project.

2. Close and open VideoScribe again.

3. Open the project you renamed and try to publish it to Youtube.


Can you confirm if you still get the same error or if it is working okay now or do you now get another error?

Hello Matthew.

I still have the same error, I've even tried a new account and does not work ... does not rise to youtube.

Please download the latest version of VideoScribe from your online account, we released version 2.1 of VideoScribe on 21 January 2015. This version includes an improved YouTube upload function.

I still had four hours free.

but now with the update will not let me in, it tells me I have to go to the PRO version.

What can I do?

Hi there,

Please can you retry the login?

I try it anothet time, ant it work!!


Now if it works.

Thank you very much for your help.

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