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numeric zoom

In a post 9 months ago it was mentioned that VideoScribe V2 would have the capability to set the zoom numerically. Does that feature exist? I am finding the + - buttons very frustrating when trying to set to exactly 100%.Select a forum type

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Version 2.1 of VideoScribe does not have the ability to set the zoom level numerically. You do not need to worry that the zoom level remains exactly at 100%, just make sure that it is close to that value.

Thanks Matthew.

Additionally, if you want 100% zoom for some reason, or if you just want to prevent the usually seemingly random increasing zoom each time you add an element,  click "set camera" IMMEDIATELY after importing the first element (when the default 100% zoom is still intact), and then again immediately after importing each new element (before sizing, moving or otherwise modifying the elements.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That's very helpful information. You've given me a clearer understanding of the process. Thanks.

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