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Sell My Videos?

I want to be able to use my videos created with videoscribe for profit, as well as enter them in contests for money. Am I allowed to do that?

And does it matter whether I have the trial/ monthly/ yearly subscription?

instant answer:
 videoscribe terms and conditions (paying members I think)
videoscribe free trial terms and conditions



4.1 You may use the VideoScribe Software to create any number of VideoScribe projects (Projects, and each a Project), and may use any Projects you create for any purpose (including commercial purposes, if you are a business).

(I think the above applies specifically to paying memberships.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes, I can confirm you can use the video commercially on your website or YouTube etc.. after your license has expired - the video is yours to keep and use.

However, it's worth noting that you can't resell a video created with VideoScribe (either on a stock site or commercially) unless you have an active Pro license.

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