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Does the Free Trial not allow you to save Voice over and music?

I keep saving my project with VO and music- but then when i reopen- they are gone. Is it because it is the free trial? ANd is there any phone support ?


1) Normally they should always remain in your scribe even in the free trial. There used to be a bug which resulted in the audio not always being found when online files were opened on a different computer. the solution was to export to a scribe file and then import it to the new computer.

2) another possibility is some kind of out-of-memory issue resulting from oversized images or some other problem. you could try saving the scribe with a new name, restarting videoscribe and re-opening.

3) or you can save your scribe online and tell support the name of it if you want them to look at it.

4) The phone number is currently hard to find. you can "LIKE" the following suggestion thread if you would like it to be displayed on the contact page: suggestion: Put all of the contact info on the contact page

5) the phone number s currently here:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike. I quit the program and tried again and it worked.

Having another issue.

I imported a picture.  VS draws it about half way through, and then it jumps right into being the full picture. Like a big skip in the process. Is it always like that? 

Also Mike,

I was trying to import my scribe into Final Cut Pro X. Can I save the scribe as a tiff. or jpeg or something that FCPX will except? FCP wouldn't inport a scribe. Please advise. thanks again.

Scribes can be exported as PNG or JPEG image sequences.

With regard to your image drawing, is it an image from the VideoScribe library or is it one you have created yourself. If it is your own image you could attach it here and we can take a look for you. 

The article on our support site entitled 'Create your own images' gives some good tips.

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