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Bringing in files for use in VideoScribe

I've tried converting illustrator files into SVG files for use with VideoScribe...One of the problems that I seem to be having is the images will start to draw on then "pop on" the screen. I've tried changing the timing but images continue to pop on....What can I do to have images complete the process of drawing on? and are SVG files best or should I convert my eps files into another format?


I'm not sure why, but I think this topic only started showing up for me today although it is two days old.

SVG is the only vector image type that videoscribe can use. JPG and png images can be used as well but you won't have as much control of the way they "draw"

Without seeing your actual image, my guess is that videoscribe is drawing the stroked paths in your SVG and then the filled paths are all popping up at the same time. That is the way videoscribe works by default.

More information about how to make your SVGs for videoscribe:
community post: How can I make SVGs that draw well in videoscribe
instant answer: create your own images


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