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Scribble out doesn't scribble out an image

Hello.  I have my nonprofit's logo at the start of a scribe.

I understand that there are 2 Scribble Out items in the shapes folder.  I've tried using both of them.

After scribbling over my logo, sometimes it disappears, sometimes it doesn't.  I have to morph it from the logo in order to erase it.

Regardless, my company logo still shows up at the end of the scribe.

Is there any way to erase an image from the Scribe so it only appears once, and that's it?



logo.jpg logo.jpg
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My apologies; I was using the wrong image.  Once I used the proper Scribble Out image, everything is fine.

This can be considered closed.

And I really do like Sparkol better than other companies I've invested in -- good documentation, support, and other than no phone number, relatively good transparency.


Yes, the phone number is pretty hard to find on their website right now.  It's in an instant answer instead of on the contact page. If you would support having all of the contact info on the contact page, you can "LIKE" the following suggestion thread:
"Put all the contact info on the contact page"


-Mike (videoscribe user)

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