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how to increase the size of all images and text at the same time?

Hello Sparkol;

So I typed in this question but didn't find an answer for it on the tutorials or here in the community section.

Wondering if this is possible. If so how?  

Images and text are a bit small for publication and I'd like to avoid increasing each image and text one at a time.   Thanks.


I don't have access to version 2 at the moment to try this out but:

You MIGHT be able to shift+click each item in the timeline to select them all and then scale them (I'm not sure). But if you do that you will almost certainly have to re set the camera for every element....
the best thing for you to do will probably be skip resizing the elements, and just choose a closer camera position for each element individually. (move the camera to where you want it, click the element once to select it, then click the "set camera" icon.)

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks.  Will try this.


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