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License and professional use

Is it true that I can sell videos I made in VideoScribe Pro, using only my own SVGs? So no images from Sparkol are used, only the hand-effect Do I need to post VideoScribe among the disclosures in the video when making money off it myself?

Thank you,

An inspiring VideoScribe professional - Michael


I can confirm you can use the video commercially on your website or YouTube etc.. after your license has expired - the video is yours to keep and use.

However, you can't resell a video created with VideoScribe (either on a stock site or commercially) unless you have an active Pro license.

Hi, i received a license number from my organization so that i can now upgrade to pro version but don't know how am supposed to use it

I don't think you can actually "do" anything with the license number.

It sounds like your organization either
1) upgraded your account to PRO (in which case you can just login and use videoscribe) or
2) created a new PRO account (in which case you have to use the login information that they used to create the new account).

If you click the ACCOUNT link at the top of this page, you will find your account status near the top left corner under "SUMMARY". If you have a PRO account, it will say something like:

Hi Edward, this is your Sparkol account. 
You have the Sparkol subscription, paying < monthly/yearly>. 
This gives you full access to VideoScribe and Tawe.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


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