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Letter spacing bug?

I have noted a bug in v 2 and upwards with letter spacing. It seems that with certain fonts (e.g. Arial Black) certain letters have much larger gaps than others - for example the letter Y. 

Why is this and how do I stop it from happening - it is very annoying

Part of the problem is that the "space" character is too small no matter what font you use.

Part of the problem with the BASIC font, and some other fonts, is that the spacing is very uneven and sometimes the spaces within a word look as large as the spaces between the words. Monospace Fonts like Courier, Courier New, Letter Gothic Std...  seem to  "read" better than variable width fonts and may be an acceptable option until the issue is resolved. The spacing between words is still too small... but the spacing between letters is pretty nice and regular so that helps in my opinion.

compare the word "spacing" in the 3 fonts in the screenshot below for example:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike. Courier New is a "bit better" but still unacceptable.  I, and, I'm sure many others appreciate your many efforts to explain and help. If not for you, a Sparkol customer and fellow VideoScribe user, there would be next to no help here IMO. 

I am new to VideoScribe so I don't know any better than spacing is not good. That's why I make my texts in Illustrator and import them as drawings.
You might have thought about that yourself as well, but I thought I would still mention it. :)


I like Videoscribe quite a lot but this font bug makes it practically unusable. It's been 7 months since there was a follow-up on this issue. Is there any news on progress? This may prevent us from using it at all in the future if it isn't fixed.

HI Sandra, since this thread was started we have done a lot of work to optimise how fonts are handled in VideoScribe so that they use less memory, but the kerning issue is still there with some fonts. We do have another rework of the way fonts are imported on our development road map. Currently we don't have a release date for a fix, but in the mean time it is worth trying other fonts that are similar to the font you are using, as different fonts will display in different ways.

If you need help with a particular project or font, please raise a ticket and we will be happy to help

I'm wondering how this hasn't been fixed yet, and how they can actually charge people this much money to use something that is useless if you need to use text in a scribe. I am trying to make a video for a client and the text spacing is unacceptable to them, and there's nothing I can do about it.


1) use two tor three spaces between words. The spacing withIN words will still be a little uneven, but the words will be clearly separated.

2) use a monospace font for better spacing within words (as described earlier in this thread)

3) use inkscape or illustrator to make your text draw well

4) use inkscape or illustrator to hand write your text as SVG line art

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have this problem. Doesn't look like the text spacing issue has been addressed. Or has it? My client is unhappy with the random spacing between letters. Which classic looking font (the more funky ones are not acceptable) has the best proper spacing between the letters?



I don't think the changes to fonts handling have been completed or released yet.

I don't know which fonts you consider to be classic looking or funky.

As mentioned previously, fonts with "monospace" or sometimes just "mono" in the name seem to work better than others.

except for the BASIC font, your font options in videoscribe are just fonts that are installed on your computer, which means you can find more fonts online (disclaimer: some websites on the internet are not "safe" so use your own discretion)

Maybe some other users will list their favorite fonts here.

I usually make all of my text as SVGs.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

This bug is not one that has been addressed as yet. You can see the new features and bugs fixes that we implement in the release notes for each version which are published on the VideoScribe blog -

I think we all are aware of that fact Barry. The question is, why haven't you, and why is it not a priority after 3 years? This flaw makes your product inferior to every other video creation software out there. Yet, yours is more expensive than most. Trying to understand the reasoning.

Seems like this bug is still there, almost 3 years later. As a company that only has one specific font for all uses, simply choosing a different one is not an option for us. The spacing on our corporate font is just terrible and makes VideoScribe unusable. The workaround with SVGs is definitely not what I was looking for... why does this comment section on your site have more text editing options than VideoScribe?

I'm aware that this is an old issue and that this is not a solution; we will do something about the text spacing issue, but below is a workaround that may work for some fonts.

You can create a separate text element for a single character that might have a large gap. For example you could have the A in the word Apple as a separate element and then another element for the rest of the word (or 3 separate elements if the spacing issue is in the middle of a word).

To get the text to be the same size you can copy and paste one text element to create a duplicate and then edit the text of the copy and move the second text element into position (use the arrow keys on your keyboard to line the text up horizontally).

I just renewed and got up date but font still suck and maybe even worse... as long time user i am about to cancel as this is worse than it was before.. 

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