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Using Screen Grabs from Other Programs in Scribes

Hi. I want to use VideoScribe to augment software training classes. Is there a quick or recommended way of using screen grabs from other software as graphics in VideoScribe?


I've been able to take the screen grabs, and with multiple steps in PhotoShop and Illustrator, I can get a screen grab that's good enough  to use (not great, but good.)


If you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions, please share. I'm on a deadline!


Thanks in advance




You can import the screengrabs as PNG files, there is no need to convert them to SVGs unless you wish to add a path over the top for the hand to follow in VideoScribe. You need to make the images as small as possible in terms of file size. You can use a program such as  Image Resizer (PC or Mac).

Using a resizer means you can import images into VideoScribe that would be too big otherwise. Even better – none of our users have reported a noticeable compromise in image quality from using either of these re-sizers.

Thanks for the reply. However, I must be missing something during the import process. Whenevr I import JPG or PNG files, VideoScribe asks me to convert it to a line drawing.

Yeah, I still prefer the old import options in version 1.3.26 (with the sliders and the "trace original" and/or  "keep image" options) ... but it would be great if the 6 drawing styles in version 2 were at least labeled in some way.

The good news is: In version 2, just select  the bottom middle option on the "convert to line drawing" menu. It will maintain the original appearance of the imported image (It would be great if that option were clearly marked as "no change" or "keep original appearance" or something)

Then either use the move-in  option to move the image onto the canvas, or use the draw option with the time set to zero if you want it to just appear instead of being drawn.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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