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how to open a scribe file

i just made my first video and do not know how to convert it to a file i can open on windows  i want to email to my clients  please help.

thank you

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Hi Kim.

When you save a scribe creation, it will save it as a .scribe file. This will only be able to be opened by the Videoscribe program.

If you would like to create a version of your scribe that yourself and others can view, you will need to publish your scribe.

This will be in the top right of your screen PNG Image.

You will then have options to render your scribe as a video file or upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

If you would like to send your scribe in an email, I would suggest rendering to a small .mov video file.

This will be able to be opened by most media players.

Alternatively a video uploaded to YouTube will enable you to just send a link to your published video.

I hope this helps.

In addition to what Jonny said, be sure to watch the tutorial videos if you need more information:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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