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how to open a scribe file

i just made my first video and do not know how to convert it to a file i can open on windows  i want to email to my clients  please help.

thank you

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Hi Kim.

When you save a scribe creation, it will save it as a .scribe file. This will only be able to be opened by the Videoscribe program.

If you would like to create a version of your scribe that yourself and others can view, you will need to publish your scribe.

This will be in the top right of your screen PNG Image.

You will then have options to render your scribe as a video file or upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

If you would like to send your scribe in an email, I would suggest rendering to a small .mov video file.

This will be able to be opened by most media players.

Alternatively a video uploaded to YouTube will enable you to just send a link to your published video.

I hope this helps.

In addition to what Jonny said, be sure to watch the tutorial videos if you need more information:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I mistakenly changed the 'open with' to scribe for my 'SCRIBE File (.scribe)' file format and now I'm unable to read those through my VS desktop app. Also, if I'm saving a file from the VS then also it is getting retrieved. How can I revert back to the original open file format or what changes shall I do to get those files back in their original format?

As I'm uploading an image into the VS, the image is getting pixelated and blurry. What would be the acceptable image format that I can use so that they won't get pixelated or blur when imported or resized. Or are there any specification like if the image is 300 DPI then it'll work just fine.?


To answer your first question: I don't believe that the .scribe files are designed to be opened  by double-clicking. At least, I do not believe they have ever worked that way for me. Therefore I don't think that changing the file associations will make a difference. (If customer support or other users know more about that, I hope they will reply below.) Just open videoscribe and then use the videoscribe interface to open your .scribe file.

As for the second question: If you are having a problem with a specific image, please attach the image in your next reply, so that the specific problem can be identified and a solution provided. Various factors can contribute to poor image quality, and a change of resolution may not be the solution.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the response, Mike.

I'm attaching an SS that I placed in the VS and faced the pixelation issue.

Thanks for uploading the image. I imported it into videoscribe, and some of the letters looked a bit distorted (please see attached image), so I might be seeing the same thing that you are seeing.  The screenshot image dimensions are 1253x588 which seems large enough without being too huge. My image quality setting in videoscribe is currently 1200 (in the preferences window). I THIIINK that means videoscribe is taking the 1253 pixel wide image and displaying it a 1200 pixels wide, which may be resulting in some distortions in the way the image is displayed. (I don't work for videoscribe, but that is my conclusion based on previous experiences.)  I used photoshop to reduce the image slightly to 1200 pixels wide, to match the quality setting, and imported that new image into videoscribe, and the results were better. I also saved it as a JPG this time, so perhaps that is a factor too.


With further testing we might find that that the image width doesn't have to match the quality setting exactly, but maybe "even numbers" like 1200, 1100, or 1260 look better than odd numbers like 1253 in preview mode.

I did not render any videos so I do not know if the distortions would show up in videos or if the problem only occurs in the preview mode. If the videos come out fine, maybe there is no need to resize images so precisely.

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

 Note: you may need to right-click the above attached image and select "open image in a new tab" to view it at full size to see the differences in the three included versions. Look at the capital letter E in "ENTIRE MEAL" and the T and L in "FROSTED FLAKES" particular.

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