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Still can't Login


I've Enable TLS options as joe clerk mentioned.

still can't login..

help me plzz

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My Email is verified and successfully logged in website but can't get through the Desktop App.


What happens when you try to log in? Do you get any error messages? What screen do you get to?

Also take a look at our article entitled 'Download VideoScribe in my place of work or school'.

No error msgs.
keeps loading......
Then i thought maybe there is some problem with my internet conn.
i went to my lad,try logging there.
I verified Two of my mails.
none of e'm works :(


Make sure that after making the TLS changes, (and applying them) you closed and reloaded internet explorer AND  videoscribe (presumably in that order)

Also, some common videoscribe login problems and solutions:


Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

NoMike it didn't help.
Could you please Delete all my mails from your DB and Again i'll make account and verify them.
maybe that's work.


Hahahaha I don't know How but it just logged in.
Thnx for your Help Mike.
I must say Videosribe has very responsive customer support team
thnx :)


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