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powerpoint video is not playing

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great software , I am a new user and i planning to purchase this for my educational academy, before I have few questions ,

1. Can I add border to the text field.

2. Can I add a static header or footer like in powerpoint presentations .

3. Can I add table in it.

4. Can I make few test bold in text filed like [1] adding a number to explain later.

5. I attached herewith Powerpoint i saved , but its not working.

Thanks with Regards

Arvind Pundir


1. You can add a border by searching for the word 'box' in the VideoScribe image library

2. You can add an image as a header or footer but you will have to add it for each 'scene'.

3. What kind of table would you like to add? You could add a table as an image but there is no dedicated feature for tables.

4. You cannot add bold text directly into VideoScribe but you can import text as an SVG image.

5. The powerpoint you saved worked fine for me. Which version of powerpoint are you using?

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