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Can't export to youtube or facebook

It "creates" my video.  Then asks me for the name and description.  I fill those and click the check.  Then it doesn't do anything.

This is for both YouTube and Facebook.  I'd like to present this in class tomorrow.

I've put it online (I think).  It's named Take 2

While you are waiting for a reply, you can try saving a copy with a new name then restarting videoscribe and then open the new copy and export it.

If you have a paid membership you can try to save it as a quicktime movie and upload it to youtube using

tips to help you avoid almost all videoscribe problems

hope that helps,
Mike(videoscribe user)


Hi Jackie,

I have taken a look at your scribe and there is a lot of text on there. I would recommend that you split these pieces of text into smaller parts, restricting the number of lines to 3, or 4 at the very most. Then I would recommend that you save the scribe with a different name, close and reopen VideoScribe, load the newly named scribe and try to publish again.

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