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Sparkol Videoscribe is Always Crashing.

Hello! Whenever I put a text on my presentation or I want to save my work, Sparkol Videoscribe crashes. I took off all the images that might be affecting it; I also tried to minimize the size of the texts, but there is not result. How can I solve this problem? 


               Valerie Argueta

1) remove all imported fonts that you are not using
2) optimize all of your images to less than 500KB
3) make sure your import quality setting is about 600-1200
4) upload your .scribe work file for specific feedback

 5) or save your scribe online and tell support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I need help...

Why I can't put image on my presentation?

That's definitely not enough information for anyone to identify your problem.

Here are some suggestions:
1) remove all imported fonts from videoscribe that you are not using.
2) optimize all of your images to less than 500KB. (1kb-200kb is probably sufficient in many cases.)
3) consider setting your default quality within the range of about 800-1200.
4) save your work as a .scribe file and attach it here  for specific feedback.

5) or save your project to the cloud folder and raise a ticket to ask customer support for help.

6) The following thread covers a range of TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Veronica, worth checking you are following the right process as well. Here's how to Import images

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