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Please help can't post on youtube

I tried posting my video on youtube but every time the upload finished a link appeared for a second and disappeared. I have a project due on monday. A weird link appears and disappears

(customer support is available monday through friday during UK business hours)

1) make sure you have a youtube channel that you have verified by email.

2) If you have a PRO videoscribe account,  you can just save a video to your computer and upload it to using a regular web browser.

3) saving with a new file name and restarting videoscribe sometimes frees up enough memory to "fix" some problems so that is an easy thing you can try.

4) If videoscribe cannot successfully render your video due to some problem with the image size, camera settings or other issues then it will not upload successfully to youtube. You can use these tips to fix the problem(s)

5) If you export your work file to a .scribe file and upload it here, other users may be able to give you suggestions.

6) to troubleshoot, you could try making a smaller scribe with just one element and try uploading that to youtube. If that works then you can be pretty sure that the problem is with your other scribe and not with your youtube channel.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)

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