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Music License


I want to use the Song "Bright Shining" from the VS libary. Is this a free license for this sound in Germany and can i use it the song in th www?

Thanks for your answer.



The music tracks  included with videoscribe are fully licensed for royalty free use with videoscribe videos.

More information:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have looked at the music copyright page but I have still have a question about the rights for this same song, "Bright Shining." It seems that the rights vary depending upon the source of the music, but I cannot find a document indicating what the source and specific license terms are for this song. I have a couple of scribes that use songs from the Hark Music library, and the terms are very clear in the document they provide. The Dan O Songs link brings me to a page that requires a login, which the site indicates is by invitation only, so I don't know if it is from there (they require explicit attribution in the video). And, I can't find if the song is from the Key Actions library, or what their terms are.

I want to ensure that I don't have any problems down the road. Any assistance from someone at Sparkol would be appreciated, as they are probably the only ones who can provide a definitive answer.


Hi Mark,

the track "Bright Shining" is a Sparkol Music track. This track is fully licensed for use in VideoScribe. You do not need attribution for this track. We are working on a document that will list the tracks and the producers for reference.

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