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Problem with custom hands


i have problem with hands, the first is in version 1.3 the hand on the preview is ok. but when i export, the hand increase his size, and the quality its poor, like a saw.

I up to version 2.0, and the problem is the quality still poor when i export. 

This topic its the same problem, (

But the answer Joe was was not convincing, I could see that the file sent by Anna is ok.

I teste many configuration of archives, and to make sure that was not a problem with editing or photo, I put a vector in place in hand and yet the quality was serrated.

Waiting fix that to get my version PRO.


There might be a problem with your images. Anna's hands were more than large enough in my opinion, but the background removal on the images was a bit sloppy leaving rough edges.

You could upload your hand images here if you want specific feedback about why they are not working.

-Mike (videoscribe user and custom hand user.)


I tried everything I could . The only image sizes I found recommended by the staff , was 1500x500 (max) and 1229x1336 with 96dpi .

What I find strange , if the export is in 1080p , the image should have also 1080 high, if not, will burst .

Ah yes. I definitely see what you mean about the size change AND the image quality difference between your image and the way it appears in videoscribe.

I definitely agree with you that this NOT a problem with the quality of your image, but is either a bug or inadequate instructions for making the hands work as intended in videoscribe.

I've seen similar image distortion in regular imported images and it was due to the width of the imported image not matching the import quality/size setting. I have a suspicion... and I'll try to make time to test it... that videoscribe has a variable for default hand import size (which may or may not be the same as the default quality setting for other images)  if that value is "600" for example then hand images with a width of 600 or 1200 would probably import looking great and other values would show various degrees of distortion. I'm not saying that 600 is THE magic number but I do think there is a magic number and I suspect it is related to the image width.  However this is all speculation right now.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


This is bad =(

There is the 2 topics of the sparkol team:


1229 x 1336 96 dpi -

But let me understand , you said "600 for example " but it worked ? Have any image that has used and that the quality was good ? Could pass the size? 72 or 96 dpi?

I'll try 600x1200 to see what happens...

thanks for your help!


I said that I will try to find time to test the idea, and I said that it was all speculation. I did not mean to imply that 600 will necessarily work better than any other size.

If I have some free time I will do some testing later today.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


What I find curious is that the preview is perfect! I think I'll record my screen !
Because up to now sparkol staff did not say anything about it? is a serious mistake I think.

Hi Lucas, sorry you have this issue.

Please can you create a support ticket from your account login so we can investigate the issue for you.

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