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A bit confused by animated gifs...

As above.

For example - the "Apply" text only lasts about 0.3 seconds. If I extend it to 1.5 seconds, it only does the same amount of "wiggles", so it all looks like it is in slow motion.

I was expecting the "wiggles" to be cycled round and round again and again for the length of my timeline for that object.

Also - REALLY need to be able to preview when hover over each one, (as previously logged). It is just too time consuming to look at each one, hoping it is correct, and then delete/start again, especially when I have to go online, and then to the 3rd page along.

REALLY need to make the workflow for gifs easier - put them at the front even?

Thanks for listening.


Hi Bruce, hope you are well and happy New Year!

The GIF operate differently from SVG/Jpeg/PNG images.

Making adjustments to them is best done in the properties menu where you can also preview.

The default playback setting for a GIF is to fit to time to if you increase the animate time only, the frames will adjust to 

play this way.

I'm assuming you want to loop the GIF, you can set this option via Image properties.

You also have a Play continuously option which enables the GIF to continue the loop even while other images are being drawn.

Take a look at the properties section for GIF Elements to see the additional options.

I have attached a quick video to show you this feature in action.

If you have any further questions relating to version 2.1 please can you raise them through a support ticket as advised in the Beta documentation.

Any new ideas or suggestions can still be added to the Ideas and feature requests section in the usual way.

Oops, sorry for posting in wrong forum. Thanks for the explanation.

Is there a tutorial on how to do animated GIFs in video scribe?

is there a video tutorial?

I have tried the following but it turns out to be like that

file name: gif

Sorry we don't have a video tutorial at this point. What effect are your trying to achieve?

scribevideo hand tracing the lines of an image and the images animates. 

video reference is twitter history story, I saw on your website. where for example a cat is first drawn and then it moves.

Had a quick look but couldn't see the video you are referring too. Could you post a link and then I'll take a look and tell you how it was done 

I can't seem to paste the link here.

the video name is:

VideoScribe 2.1 preview - gifs galore on youtube 

Ah Ok, so you mean like the lady with the eyes that blink as she is drawn in but her eyes still move.

This happens as it's actually 2 images. The lady is an SVG so drawn and her eyes are a seperate GIF and they just pop into place at the end. If you notice none of the moving parts/lines are drawn in at any point. It's just a clever combination of SVGs and GIFs

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