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Move items independently

None of my items are moving independently - they all seem to be locked together

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1) if you select one item by clicking on it, and then click+drag that item (or use the arrow keys on your keyboard), you will move just that item.

2) if you use shift+click to select multiple items and then click+drag them (or use the arrow keys on your keyboard), those selected items will move together.

3) If you click and drag somewhere on the canvas (or use the arrow keys on your keyboard ) without selecting any items, that is considered "moving the camera around the canvas" so all of the items will seem to move together.

video tutorials and pdf for videoscribe version 2

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Suzanne, 

Sorry to hear you're having this issue.

If you are having trouble on the Mac version, these known issues and workarounds may assist you.

Difficulty using the timeline – random results after moving elements

If you try to move an element in the timeline and your mouse moves outside of the timeline area, e.g. onto the canvas or off the screen when dragging, you may find that timeline or elements on the canvas behave strangely after. This is a confirmed bug, and our development team are working on a solution.


Try to stay within the timeline area when dragging and reordering elements. If this bug occurs, save your project, close VideoScribe down and restart. This will clear the memory and allow you to continue working. 

Difficulties after using Ctrl+click on a Mac

Some Mac users have reported a loss of functionality after using the Ctrl+click command in VideoScribe, e.g. when trying to select multiple items in the timeline. Unfortunately there is no workaround at present but we are working on a solution. In the meantime, please avoid using this command or alternatively enable the right click function your mouse/Trackpad

Please save your current project and restart VideoScribe which should clear this error.

I hope this answers your question.

Hi - I just got the bug on my MAC and am now unable to use my keyboard arrow keys to re-order, or move or group my objects together to take a camera shot and redo the sequence of my video. I don't have an Apple mouse because other software programs run just fine and don't need one. This should have been a disclaimer on your video scribe website. I am truly disappointed with video scribe. BTW right clicking on my keyboard doesn't work as an alternative, nor does restarting the program.

Since you've not got a solution to this issue to date, I'll go ahead and cancel my subscription and redo the project on iMovie - at least I'm guaranteed no bugs better customer service via Apple.

Currently you may experience an issue using the keyboard options on VideoScribe such as the arrow buttons and the multi-select options.

This will affect all versions of VideoScribe.

We have identified the issue and are currently working on a resolution.

Once the fix has been implemented you will be able to use these options after restarting VideoScribe.

We are expecting to get this fixed very soon and will post here when the fix has been implemented.

This issue has been fixed so if you are having issues using the keyboard shortcuts please save the scribe you are currently working on and restart VideoScribe. The keyboard shortcuts will regain functionality.

The issue with using the Ctrl+click command on a Mac still remains.

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