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Scribe has uploaded but isn't opening


I have just bought the VideoScribe for a month and I have just saved 3 videos onto my desktop with a minimum amount of problems. But I have them. Now, I made another 2 videos (4 minute long each) and they are uploading onto my desktop, however, once I open them they are not even a second long. I see the first part of my scribe for about half a second then the video stops. 

I did the exact same thing as my other scribes which have worked perfectly fine but not for these ones.

Please help, it's for a project dued on Tuesday! 

Thank you 

oversize images and excessive camera settings (or other issues) can sometimes cause out-of memory errors resulting in freezing, crashing and rendering problems.

saving your work with a new name, restarting videoscribe and then re-rendering your video may temporarily resolve the symptom: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

or you can save your work online and fill out a support ticket to tell support the name of it if you want their feedback. raise a ticket

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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