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Select multiple items

How to select multiple items to position the camera when using iPad app?

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Hi Nada,

It is not possible to select multiple items using the iPad app.

Is it possible to select and copy multiple items on the Desktop Version?

Essentially I have a canvas I've "set"....I like the position, size, etc of everything but I'd like to duplicate the same elements again and just swap out different numbers, explanations, etc.

You can CTRL+click multiple elements in the timeline to select them.

if you have problems on a mac:

Be sure to watch the video tutorials on the Instant Answers page for more tips.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Can one set the camera position when developing VideoScribe using the iPad App? If it can be done, how?
The free ipad app is a simplified version of the desktop app. I don't think it currently has a camera setting.
The desktop version has a number of features (more hands, ability to add fonts, etc) not included in the ipad app.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike. I am very impressed with the App. Great App. I can always to camera positions later when in front of the PC.

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