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Licensing Question

Hi, my name is Phub Dorji. I am the founder of a non-profit youth group in my country (Bhutan) called the Youth Initiative (for Debate, Deliberation and Development. We are an informal organisation that aims to train youth in democratic thought, practice and action. Our members register themselves with us for a tenure of only 1 year. The term for our second year is set to start in January. And to get the word out about us, I decided that the best method- one that creates a Youthful ambience whilst maintaining a serious nature, a work like ours demands- was Sparkol Videoscribe. Using the trial period granted for free by, I created a short 2 minute video on our organisation. Now, I want to post this video on YouTube and since my local TV channels have agreed to air it for free, there. But I am worried that since I only signed up for the Trial Version, there might be some licensing issues from your company. I haven't removed VideoScribe logo from the video and intent to credit your website. 
I loved using this product and would definitely recommend for a friend, and I am trying to convince our sponsors to help us buy this program. Unfortunately, we can't buy it this week; meanwhile the video HAS to go out. Am I allowed to air it? If not, can make any suggestions? Please dear sirs and madams, help us. 

Hi Phub,

Yes, I can confirm you can use the video on your website or YouTube etc.

However, it's worth noting that you can't resell a video created with VideoScribe (either on a stock site or commercially) unless you have an active Pro license.

Thanks you very much Mr. Cook; we're very grateful and we look forward to doing business with VideoScribe very soon. :-)

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