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Priview Shows Scribe Fine but When I Export It, It Cuts Out Music and Recent Edits

 I have been using VideoScribe for months now and I love it. Just recently I have been making personalized videos for my clients. I did this by changing the text box on the template then saving it as video_name. After about 10 videos, I looked at one of the names and it had no music and all the videos had the same name on them. Even the videos saved before that person's video had his name on them. Another problem is that it cut out the music. When I previewed it, it still had music and the right name. I need to get these videos out soon so if you know why this is happening please help. 

 The symptom may be due to some kind of out-of-memory related error. Try saving and closing your scribe, then restarting videoscribe and rendering the new version.

-Mike (videscribe user)

 Thanks Mike this worked.

Bill :)

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