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Videoscribe Drawing Strokeless Fills

I keep having this problem when I try to make the hand draw particular lines in an image. I create the paths I want the hand to follow, paste them over the image, and llist the paths from bottom to top in the order I want them drawn. However, when I import the image into videoscribe, the hand draws the outlines of the fills as well, instead of simply appearing after the strokes are drawn. I've seen the "How to make SVGs draw well" post, but I couldn't find any answers there. 

Am I doing something wrong with the SVG file? 

Hi Gaurav,

I have had a look at the image and can see that there are not strokes set on the image.

We recommend using the Pencil tool and basic lines when creating SVG's for VideoScribe.

It does not look like this SVG was created with the recommended settings.

We have a tutorial which shows you the basics of creating SVGs for VideoScribe.

Transparent stroked paths will only "draw" the parts of your image that they overlap.

The transparent stroked paths in your SVG are very thin and only cover the edges of your color fills so only the edges appear to be drawn when you use the image in videoscribe.

If you add a bigger scribble using a larger transparent stroke that covers the whole image then the rest of the color will be "drawn"

The tutorial in Joe's reply may explain it more clearly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Joe,

If I don't want to make an SVG using the method where the stroke is very thick and fills in the entire image (like in the video), the only way to get an image from the internet to look like it's being drawn is to trace over it with the pencil tool? Is there any way to set the strokes onto the image like you mentioned? 


That's actually exactly what I want, I don't want the hand to draw a big path that reveals the entire image at one time, I want an image where it looks like it's being drawn, with the hand following paths across certain parts of the image. If you look at the SVG I uploaded in Illustrator, under the layers the image is in two groups. I only want the hand to draw one group, the group with the transparent paths, but it draws both, it traces the fills that make up the image, even though there is no stroke to them, only fills.  

I don't really understand the difference between what you are describing and the way it is actually working. Currently the svg draws exactly the way it should as I described above.

If you only want to draw the black lines that are currently transparent, then make them 100% opaque and just delete the fills in the other group.


If you want something different, you may just need to experiment until you have a better understanding of how it works so you can make the appropriate changes.

Hope that helps,


I am having the same problem. There's one layer with two sublayers. In the bottom sublayer, I applied a thick stroke covering my image and made the opacity 0%. In the top sublayer are all the fills with no strokes - I do not want these to be traced by the hand. The hand draws the thick stroke like it's supposed to, but then it goes on to trace the paths of the fills. Any help is appreciated. It's attached.


Thanks for attaching the SVG. I don't think I am seeing the symptom you described.

Did you make several versions and maybe you are looking at an old version?  When I import the  SVG you attached, it only draws thick strokes filling up the whole image and then stops. Make sure you import from your hard drive and not from "recently used images" if you update an image.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for getting back to me. I kept importing the same file and it eventually started working the way I wanted. I don't know why it was tracing the fill paths before, but it's ok now.

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