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PowerPoint Bug: Can Only Save Default Folder

When you choose another folder instead of taking the default folder for .scribe files (LocalStore) the process runs as normal, the file is rendered, but once you get the dialogue box to save and click save no file is created.  It goes into the ether. 

If you go back and browse to the default folder you can save files again.

I am on trial.

Hi Chandler, thanks for your feedback on this.

I'm trying to recreate the problem by saving a number of test scribes and saving them in different locations.

So far they are saving okay.

Are you able to advise where specifically you have selected to save them so I can reproduce the issue?

I am having the same problem.  We bought a subscription, thinking that might have been the problem.

I have tried saving to 2 locations:  my desktop and My Documents, both without success.

Love this program!!!  Thank you!!

Vivian, are you able to save your scribe to the online cloud folder and let us know what it is called. We can then download it and try to re-create the issue

Good morning!  Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I saved the file to the cloud.  It is "Daniel Final."  I also was able to save it to a .wmv file successfully which we will use for our purposes on Sunday.

Again, thank you for this great software.  The video tutorials and the instruction manual are excellent.  I am eager to use the instructional materials to learn how to convert images to scribes in the near future.  Thank you all for such a great product that I hope will help this local church pastor to speak to our young people (and some of the not-so-young ones as well!)!



So I have downloaded that scribe and published it to PowerPoint without a problem. Managed to change the folder and save it My Documents folder, open it and play the video. So it doesn't appear to be the scribe file that's causing this issue. 

Seems you have managed to get this working by downloading as a Video and importing this yourself into PowerPoint which is great. I know the development team are going to revisit the PowerPoint creation process again in the coming months to make sure any compatibility issues are dealt with on newer versions so I will add this issue into that review.

Thank you, Barry. I wondered about the PowerPoint version, but we have MS Office 2013 (.pptx) so it just didn't make sense to me or one of our programmer-types. I'll talk with our IT system guy and if he has any insights, I'll pass them on to you. Again, thank you! Our first scribe gave us a great way to present a scripture that is very difficult for lay folks to read. Besides -it was also great fun!

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