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can i import gif file

Hey, does anyone know, can you ipmort animatede file like .gif (or similar )in VideoScribe? 

Hi Lara,

GIF imports will be a feature in the next version of VideoScribe (version 2.1).

This version is currently in Beta testing and is available to Pro users from Your Account page 

Tnx for such fast replay. As i wan't to order your product please tell me if i order it now with paying on monthly bases will i still be able to  upgrade to newer version when scribe 2.1 comes or is the version i buy fix ? 

Thank you for for answer in forward, 

I believe that paying members can always upgrade to the next available version at no extra cost. I have installed several versions since I have been a member.

Also, as Joe said, paying members can download version 2.1 right now (it is still being tested for bugs though)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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