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Videoscribe library location on hard drive ?


in the past, I used to access the Videoscribe SVGs library on my computer, to easily edit some of them, but I can't remember how to reach these folders ?

Does someone know where they are ? :)



could someone from the team explain me how to find the local library on the hard drive ?

I need it in my project, to be able to look at a lot of drawings quickly, to choose between them, without having to import one by one in the canvas, and then export to SVG to illustrator (very long).

The thumbnails are too small to choose the images. 



Hi Etienne,

The images are stored in folder location which is normally hidden.

This is because there is a potential to accidentally remove a file that is needed in VideoScribe or lose data completely.

We do not post this location on a public forum as deleting the wrong thing can cause data loss.

Thanks, what about online svg..where I can download it? :)

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