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wobbly music

Hi (probably Mike Metcalf as you are soooo good at answering my questions :))

I have uploaded the music Yabeata to one of my scribes and it is all a bit wobbly and cracks in and out a bit. Not so you'd notice much, but sadly my client has. When I listen to it from the library it is fine, so not my machine acoustics. Any idea? Not sure how to unload it and load it again if that will be a suggestion.

Many Thanks (Mike or anyone else!)


Hey Mike just found your long list of suggestions - going to try reloading!

Mmmmm reloaded and it is the same, so .... any ideas?

Hi Amanda,

Sorry you have this issue. My suggestion would be to save a copy of the scribe to your online directory and raise a support ticket.

If you let us know the name of the scribe we can take a look at it to see what the issue could be.

Thanks Joe,

I realise I have not been clear enough, in fact unintentionally misleading! It is on the rendered .mov file that the music is wobbly --  so I can't upload that to my online directory (I assume you mean cloud directory) can I for you to have a listen to? The music is OK on the scribe itself.

Hope you can still help though.


Thanks Amanda,

We will need the scribe itself to see why the video is being created this way.

If you can raise a support ticket once it is uploaded, we can investigate the problem.


Sorry I'm late to the party! Joe will probably have you sorted out but:

1) As a test, if you have music and a voice-over, I would try rendering with just the music and no voice-over to see if the symptom changes.

(I just wonder if a difference in  bitrates or some other audio property is causing the problem.)

2) Also, what player are you using to play the MOV and can you try a different player? Sometimes if a computer has multiple players or third party codecs installed, they can interfere with audio or video playback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike!! (were you already at a party - no ---  joke!)

Only music, no voiceover.

Anyway this file will eventually make its way onto the company intranet - so the answer to what player - is... well take your choice!

I am playing it on quick time player on my beautiful new Mac Pro.

Joe has taken it up as a ticket now, so I will let you know if we get anywhere, unless Joe does before me.

Thank yooouu


Hi Joe,

Can't access the file on google drive, you need to give me permission?? (allegedly)



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