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saving problem

I want to save my scribes on my pc but i have not the slightest

idea where thes scribes are being stored.

I follow the instructions "save scribe"

and putted in a directory.

The scribes are being saved but where?

By default, your scribe work files are saved in a proprietary format that you can only open and use through videoscribe. They are in the appdata folder (I think) but not in a format that you could easily recognize.

If you want a backup, then save a copy of your scribe work file online and/or export it as a standalone .scribe file (which you can save to a destination of your choice).

when you render video files of your scribe, videoscribe will prompt you to choose a file name and a destination folder and that is where the videos will be stored.

If you have not already watched the tutorials, they may help clarify these instructions:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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