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Festive music

Hi, i would like to use some festive music in my own scribe.

Are those tunes in the music library?

If so: What are the song titles of the songs used in the templates (as shown on the blog '19 festive scribe templates'):

- 'Advent Calendar'

- 'Animal Nativity'

- 'Christmas Snails'

- 'Penguins'?

So I can try to find them.

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure, but I think you can open the template and delete everything but the music and then add your own scribe elements .

(I have not actually tried the templates myself so that is just a guess)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your reply Mike! 

I was hoping for an easier way, without using the templates, but I might try that.

Best regards, Brigitte

Hi Brigitte,

Some of the tracks that were used in the templates were from our library others were not. 

The tracks that we used are licensed for use in VideoScribe only meaning we are not licensed to distribute source the files as MP3's or other formats.

Mike's suggestion would be a way to use the tracks in other scribes.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply! Now I know the possibilities.

Best regards, Brigitte

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