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Hands inventory


I am on the trial subscription.  Whilst toggling thru the different hands and previewing the action I am unable to recover ones I had viewed earlier and I have duplicate of others.

Any suggestions?



Hi Constantin,

Seems like an odd issue.

When you elect to use a hand, there will be a copy made of this hand.

As hands from our online library can be edited it is possible to have some duplicates if you have different editing options for the same hand.

You should not have any hands disappearing so they may have been moved down the list.

You can scroll through the hand list using the radio button to see the full options.

Please see the attached video.

Hi Joe

thanks for the reply.  Cannot access the video. 

From the attached image pls note that row 2 column 2 &4 row 3 column 1 are identical

and row 2 column 5 and row 3 column 4

using OS X 10.10.1


Hi there, thanks for the image.

If you delete the duplicate hands in question, you can then select the delete (trash) icon to remove it.

You can also see the little circle icons, click on these to select the next page of hands.

oh right. thats really helpful. i had such a messy hand library and i thought you could only right click delete like the file system. thanks

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