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svg not drawing in correct order

Hi, I'm trying to take an svg image and create that draw in color affect that you show in the tutorial.  Whenever I do though, it simply draws the color stroke line that I just created in illustrator first, and then it is done.  It doesn't draw any of the original outline strokes, even though they are first in the layers, and the new coloring pencil stroke comes last.  I've made sure that there aren't any groups or sublayers that would mess up the order in which the svg is drawn.


Videoscribe isn't drawing any strokes because that image doesn't have any strokes (except for the 100% transparent strokes used to reveal the color fills). The parts that look like stroked paths are actually filled paths. The whole original image is made up of filled paths with no strokes.

LINK: How can I make SVG images that draw well?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, I missed that the stroke width was set to 0 on all the paths.  I changed stroke width, essentially adding the actual stroke and its working perfectly

Again Thank you for your help,

Michael DeMille.

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