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I can't use to VideoScribe in my live presentation.


I'm a student. I have a problem about VideoScribe.

I can't use to VideoScribe in my live presentation. Because VideoScribe don't resemble to useing PowerPoint or Prezi. 

I can make a video with VideoScribe but it was video format. I can't make presentations with using my VideoScribe file manuel. 

I want to saved my VideoScribe file with flash format and when i want to make a presentations, move from page to page with my left click.


You cannot embed clickable links in videoscribe. If you want to make a PP presentation, then you'll have to make a separate videoscribe video for each slide in the Powerpoint presentation and import each video as a separate element into powerpoint.

Hope that answers your question,
-Mike (videoscribe user)



Thank you

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