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crackling noise on voiceover


When I render/publish my film the voiceover I use gets an overlay of crackling noise.

I have no problem when seeing the film in videoscribe.

The noise is there even if I render to the smallest resolution.

Hope you can help


I've been experiencing the same problem, a real bummer... 

This is probably due to poor sound sum-up in the software's engine.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the crackling only happens when there's music in the background (added inside VS). Anyway, I was able to bypass the problem by adding the music to the speech by myself (using an audio software editor). 

hmmmm not good. You might have a point Shahar cause I do both have voice over and music on my film. I might have to remove the music then - real bummer as you say - but thanks :)


You can try to add the music to the speech file using "Audacity" - its a free and easy to use audio editor. later you can add the speech + music as one audio file to VideoScribe. Music is important, isn't it? :)

Hey guys.
I got this answer from the support team, hope this will help you too.

"The solution for this is to add the voiceover onto the first element as a sound effect. It is a bug that we are aware of in the Beta version and will be fixed in the next release"


I'm experiencing the same problem using the newest (beta) version of videoscribe. It's very frustrating. In the previous versions I have never had this problem. Thanx for the tip on editing the video afterwards. Only thing is, now I have to find the same soundtrack file online. Cause my client already watched the video rendered in the previous version of videoscribe.

Hi there, sorry if you're having issue with the Beta version.

If you having any specific issue with the Beta version, please can you create a new support ticket

as outlined in the Beta sign up information.

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